Whether you are mining gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, coal, granite, potash or any other raw material, the demands placed on your bulk handling systems are tremendous. Breakdowns and unscheduled outages are costly interruptions to production.

At All-State Belting, we realize that protecting your production time is our prime objective. With over 40 years of experience in working within the mining industry, we understand the products and services required to keep you at peak operational mode at all times. 

Our conveyor belt products are engineered to withstand the stresses placed upon them in mining environments. The latest advances in rubber compounding technology are incorporated on the carry and pulley side covers of the conveyor belt (Raptor vs Warrior, Armor Plate), providing maximum protection against the degrading effects of abrasion, cutting, tearing and gouging. The high-performance textile or steel cord tension members are designed to provide dimensional stability and resistance to the stresses placed upon the belt that are inherent in the conveying of bulk materials in the mining industry. All-State Belting’s engineering and technical services group will assist with recommendations resulting in the lowest cost per tonnage conveyed.

All-State Belting has also developed component resources that assist in keeping you running at optimum levels. 

Our mechanical services group offers responsive 24/7 service and are strategically located to best meet your needs. From installing and splicing conveyor belt; in-place lagging of pulleys; replacing and installing idlers; transfer point and chute design; dust mitigation; cleaner installation and maintenance; and engineering assistance; our mechanical services group is at your disposal. 

All or our products and services are designed to keep you running. With our engineered product lines and decades of experience in the mining industry, we can deliver the performance you require. Contact your All-State Belting representative today.